Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Letter from My Publisher--will you help?

Good afternoon,

In an effort to launch our new fiction category at New Hope, we are initiating an Amazon blast on April 27, 2010 (next Tuesday). Our goal is to raise awareness of New Hope Publishers and our authors in a way that enhances visibility and sales for all of our books and our authors. Like every new title we release, we want to make an impact on both the market place and readers’ lives. Please help us make this campaign successful by joining us in this effort! While we will not be doing this for every book, we do want to try this with our first fiction titles. Your investment is also an investment in ongoing sales of all New Hope titles.

Ways you can be involved:

Purchase No Greater Love at Amazon
Tweet this – “New – Fiction with a Mission – get it today at Amazon -”
Facebook this – “New – Fiction with a Mission – get it today at Amazon -”
Newsletter – Send a special blast to your newsletter subscribers promoting this new fiction series from New Hope. If you need any content, please let us know.
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About the book:

Forbidden romance, an unlikely martyr and an even more unlikely hero. Orphaned four years earlier when their parents, active in the African National Congress (ANC) movement against apartheid, were murdered—16-year-old Chioma and her 15-year-old brother Masozi now live and work on an Afrikaner family’s farm.
When Chioma and Andrew, the farm owner’s son, find themselves attracted to one another, tragedy revisits their lives. Chioma escapes to join an ANC rebel band in her effort to survive and gain revenge for her family and culture. When cultures clash in life-or-death struggles, Chioma must choose between violence and revenge—or forgiveness and selfless love.
Loosely based on historical events and set near Pretoria, South Africa, in the violent upheaval prior to ANC leader Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in 1990 and his ascendance to the presidency of South Africa, this story of forbidden romance produces an unlikely martyr who is replaced by one even more unlikely.

Be watching for an upcoming email about our new Author Marketing Program!

Ashley Stephens


New Hope Publishers


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