Friday, May 7, 2010

Great new book at ridiculously low price!

Got a Kindle? NO??? Seriously, you really need to get one! I finally broke down and ordered mine (my hubby's birthday gift to me), and I'm blown away at how cheaply you can acquire great books for it.

And here's the perfect example of why you need a Kindle: Michelle Sutton's new book, Never Without Hope, is currently available as a Kindle download for $2.99! That's about as close to free as it gets, folks, so go to Amazon and download it before the offer ends.


  1. Yes, and you can also get some great books for free too. A lot of nice Christian books for FREE too...of course, you're trusting Amazon not to delete all of your books and to violate your privacy, but if you don't care about that...then no biggie right :) They also can tell how many pages you're reading of your books too. Isn't that nice. :) But I love my Kindle....but I'm on to Amazon. :)

  2. LOL...nada is me, Stacy Harp. Apparently I'm too private so it says "nada".