Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yesterday's Tomorrow has arrived!

Vietnam. The word evokes a myriad of emotions, depending on the hearer's age, knowledge, and experience. I for one remember the Vietnam War era well, having bid farewell to my then twenty-year-old military husband as he deployed for a year to that faraway, dangerous land, leaving me at home to care for two babies in diapers.

Author Catherine West exquisitely captures the feel of that time and place in the pages of her amazing debut novel, Yesterday's Tomorrow. This book speaks to the very depths of your heart, whether you have any personal recollection of that tumultuous time or not. Get ready for an exciting adventure and a heart-pounding ride as you dive into this page-turning story. No doubt this will be the first of many excellent offerings from this talented new author.


  1. This is a book I'm wanting to read...soon. Too many good books out there to get to them all!

    By the way, Kathi, I like your blog's new look :)


  2. Thanks, Kathi! I am so glad you agreed to read and endorse, you are a true inspiration!

  3. Catherine, I had a list of qualifications for a husband, and one was that he had already served, as the draft was in place during my time. Must have been difficult to be alone with two babies.