Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Excellent Books from a Great Author

THROUGH THE TEARS (Book two of the SANDY COVE series)

Fairfield Lab, Portland, OR.  The return address seemed harmless enough.  But Michelle Baron knew that the information inside could change her life forever.

Keeping vigil at the hospital as her father clings to life in the aftermath of his failed suicide attempt, Michelle finds solace and hope by gazing at the newborns in the nursery.  But a subsequent painful journey through the maze of infertility leaves her and her husband struggling to hold their marriage together.

Will medical science provide their answers? Will they discover a road to parenthood through adoption?  And how will this issue impact their future?

Michelle clings to her faith as she navigates the unpredictable storms they encounter while they search for answers. Agreeing with her husband, Steve, that she should use this time to complete her teaching credential, she finds herself in a course with a professor who has an anti-Christian bias to his lectures. As she seeks support from like-minded students of faith, she becomes involved in a Campus Crusade for Christ outreach to the local family planning clinic. Faced with the infertility issues she and Steve are experiencing, she is devastated by the multitude of babies losing their chance at life through the abortions performed at the clinic.

Through the Tears ~ the second novel in the Sandy Cove series~ delivers a message of hope in the midst of longing and disappointment.

Praises for OUT OF A DREAM  (Book One in the SANDY COVE series)

Rosemary Hines weaves an intricate story, which immediately draws the reader into a relationship with her characters.
NANCY TUMBAS, English Professor, California State University Long Beach

Out of a Dream held my interest from the first chapter. I wanted to know what would happen to Michelle and had to keep reading. The story was interesting and realistic, with suspense and a touch of romance -- just the way I like it!
JAN MCCANTS, Administrative Assistant, Christian Liberty School

I felt compelled to keep reading, completely consumed by this tale of one girl’s search for truth.
MISTY STUTES, Graduate Student, Vanguard University

Hines quickly introduces you to characters that parallel people in our own lives. Shaped by traits that enhance the plausibility of the plot, you could swear that you’ve met them all before.
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Kids’ Soul, Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul,
and Christmas Treasure for Kids

The content, storyline, and character development in Out of a Dream are excellent. As a book reviewer for Calvary Chapel ministries, one thing is of utmost importance to me in recommending a book, especially a novel -- does it have ministry value? The answer for Rosemary’s book is an off-the-charts YES!
Book Reviewer, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

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