Wednesday, June 17, 2009


YAY!!! The completed FIRST ALLEGIANCE manuscript has just flown through cyberspace and landed in our editor's very capable hands. What a relief! I believe I need a nap before diving into the next emergency. Bless you all for praying!

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  1. Congrats,Kathi! What a great feeling. You are a diligent servant of the Lord.

    Also, thank you for sharing your story to writers about how "My Son John" impacted your mom's friend who was able to find peace in her heart through forgiveness, just days before departing this world. What a blessing.

    One time when I was down sick for a few days, feeling like I hadn't done anything of worth, Go showed me the same thing. A mom wrote and told me that she had read Coach Mom in the last few days and shared how it had impacted her life. What a blessing to see God use the written word to minister through me on days I was too weak to do anything.