Friday, September 3, 2010

Silver Coins from the Morgan Mint!

The Morgan Mint has graciously partnered with my Valeria's Cross co-author Susan Wales and me to offer a limited number of King Azes II Silver Pendants (minted in the days of the very early Church) to help promote our new book. If you have already purchased a copy and posted a review on Amazon, your blog, etc., I will be randomly choosing a couple of you to receive one of these beautiful necklaces. For others who will buy a book and email a proof of purchase (minus your credit card info, of course), plus post reviews wherever possible, you too will be eligible to receive one of these lovely pieces. Just be sure to give me clear mailing instructions so I can send one if you win!


  1. I'm featuring your book on my blog, and I'll be twittering and announcing the interview on facebook. I'd love to be entered in the contest to win one of the pendants.

  2. I told my folks to stop by. Whether or not they paid attention and followed the directions is another story...